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Why Take Care of your Wipers:

Most Workplaces have outdoor parking. Moreover, based on what we’ve seen, a good percentage of the people park their cars outside. Even though they have an indoor garage. This means that your car is exposed to Snow and Ice in the winter. After the car has been parked outdoors during freezing rain or a snow storm. The wiper mechanism becomes glued (via Ice or snow) to the windshield. Making it very difficult to actuate the mechanism.

Something has got to give, either the linkages in the mechanism, or the motor. Some car manufacturers, such as BMW, use a logic where, if the wiper actuating lever is left in the ON or Intermittent position after the vehicle shutdown. The wiper will not actuate when you start the car. And that’s precisely why. They thought it though and they decided that they didn’t want you to replace your mechanism a dozen times each winter. Furthermore, based on experience and a quick research. A used wiper mechanism from a recycle garage will cost upwards of $100 for the part. Furthermore, you will have to pay for the installation. which in some cars, can be up to 2 hours labor. so it can cost upwards of CAD $250 even if you get a used mechanism.


In conclusion. We noticed that a lot of drivers omitting to clean the snow and ice off of their cars windshields before setting off. it’s important to mention that about 10% of the cars we inspect have a broken wiper mechanism. Either the mechanism itself or the wiper blades that are too worn out and can not clean. Please make sure you clean up the snow and ice off of your cars windshield before starting your trip. A couple of minutes extra outside will save you a wiper mechanism replacement over the long run.

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