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VIP Inspections Breakdown

Classic Car, Super Car, High End Luxury Car
  • Classic car inspection starting from $ 280 (applicable taxes extra) when customer is present

  • High End Luxury Vehicle Inspections starting from $ 329 (applicable taxes extra) when customer is present

  • Super Car inspection starting from $ 399 (applicable taxes extra) when customer is present


you can book an appointment using our online booking service, however, please note that since the prices vary depending on the vehicle, we recommend that you contact us prior to the booking for a more specific price quote. If you make the booking online, we will email you within 24 hours of the booking to let you know of any extra charges that apply.


What to expect in terms of extra charges:

  • Mileage fees (if vehicle is located outside of our city coverage area), the fee is generally $1 per Km distance from downtown (applicable taxes extra)
  • Any extra Fees that apply to the specific car in question. (depending on the car, that can range between $0 up to $400)
Book an Appointment using our Online Booking Service

VIP Services

Classic cars, super cars, high-end vehicles

Whether it’s a super car inspection, or a classic car inspection, everyone has their favorites list when it comes to that special car. You probably had a poster of that car in your bedroom wall when you were a kid. So, If you are about to realize your dream, we say Kudos, Car Inspected would like to help you make sure that the car is in fact what the seller is claiming it to be.

no matter if it’s a Classic Car inspection, Super Car, or an Exotic Car that you are considering, when it comes to this category of vehicles, Please keep in mind that, a vehicle history report is not sufficient to uncover previous exterior damage. Why? It’s because At Car Inspected, we’ve seen many cars in this category with cheap body repair that has not been claimed to the insurance (therefore, won’t show in the history report). Our Inspectors can help you make sure that you are getting the right vehicle. We ensure the inspection is conducted to the highest standards. In many cases, we dedicate 2 inspectors to spend time researching the car prior to the inspection to note things to look out for.

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Classic vehicle inspection starting from $ 280 (applicable taxes extra) when customer is present

High end luxury starting from $ 329 (applicable taxes extra) when customer is present

Super Cars starting from $ 399 (applicable taxes extra) when customer is present

Please note:

  • It takes us much more time to research and more time to inspect those types of vehicles when compared to everyday cars.
  • Examples of high end luxury vehicle, BMW M division, Mercedes AMG division, Audi S and RS (not BMW 3-Series such as 320i or 330i, nor Mercedes C-Class such as C350 etc, or Audi A4 or A5, for those vehicles, please refer to the pricing in Here)
  • Examples of super cars, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Aston Martin, etc., if the vehicle is older than 20 years, then it may fall under classic super car which will have a different price quote (generally higher quote since it requires more time to research)
  • Please refer to our FAQ section Here for more answers to frequent questions that we get from our customers.
  • We generally respond to email inquiries within 24 hours.

Check out some of our inspections, From every day cars, to Classics, to Luxury, to super cars, old or new, if it has wheels and an engine, then chances are, we love it!

During the inspection, the inspectors will go through the details of the vehicle. Confirming Service records, verifying the quality of the vehicle, from paint thickness, to computer scan on more recent models (if applicable). This service will provide you with all that is needed for you to make an informed decision about the purchase. The results will help you decide if the vehicle matches your expectations (Pictures, Video, and a detailed report). Keep in mind that this is a Third Party Inspection service, so we have nothing to loose by pointing out issues with the vehicle (we have no affiliation with the sellers). That’s the power of a 3rd party inspection service. Furthermore, Our reports are very informative, which include investigating any signs of neglect, and poor repairs. everything is inspected down to the leather stitching on steering wheel !

The VIP inspections are done by highly trained staff, who are passionate about vehicles. This is a special breed of inspectors, they are hand picked, and know what to look for.