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High Volume and Shipping Companies

Are you a Dealership, Vehicle shipping comapny, Business to Business, or Auction service?

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We can meet your needs for inspections, our inspections come to the vehicle whether it’s at a warehouse, Sea Port, train yard (prior to shipping), Dealership, or Auction. We inspect the vehicles, provide the reports online, all without moving the cars anywhere (except during the test drives if required), Moreover, we can work outside of peak business hours as to not interfere with your operations. Our inspections are fast, reliable, and detailed. We are an independent, third party service, that’s not affiliated. Our inspection reports can be customized to your company’s needs. From everyday cars, to super cars, to classic cars, we’ve been inspecting them for over a decade.

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We inspect company vehicle fleets of any size and any type.

  • Interior analysis
  • Body / Paint Thickness / body panel alignment / bumpers condition
  • Tires/Brakes condition
  • On-Board Diagnostics (OBD / CAN BUS) / ABS / Transmission / Airbag Codes / System Monitors lookup
  • Test Drive
  • Engine Bay: Transmission / Drive-Train / Leaks / Drive belts
  • Maintenance planning and fleet management services also available.


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