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  • Our inspectors come to the location of the vehicle and inspect it there.

  • We inspect the vehicle in your presence, or on your behalf, we can be your eyes and ears on site.

  • We are not affiliated with any dealership or service station.

  • We will tell you the true condition of the vehicle no matter who’s selling it.

  • We’ll tell you if the car is worth what you are paying for.


Car Inspected



  • Pre Purchase & Pre Sale, End of Lease, High Volume turnaround

  • From every day cars, to Classics, Luxury, Super Cars, Hybrids & electric. We’ve inspected them.

  • We’ll help you make sure that the vehicle is good, before you buy.

  • Pay a deposit “pending an inspection”. Don’t buy a lemon, call the experts.


Our Services


  • Computer scans (Engine, Auto Trans., Airbag, ABS) on the majority of modern cars.

  • Paint thickness verification.

  • Exterior and Interior inspection.

  • Quality of repairs.

  • Much More…



From Everyday vehicles to Exotics

A short video highlighting our memorable snapshots and some remote inspections. IF IT’S GOT WHEELS & AN ENGINE, THEN WE LOVE IT!

​Who we are

  • If you are searching for a pre owned vehicle from Kijiji Cars, Kijiji Auto, or Auto Trader and would like an independent opinion where an inspector is dispatched to the car to provide you with it’s current condition, either in person (if you are present) or via email (if you are from out of town), then you are in the right place, that’s what were here for.
  • Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, and expanding. We’ve been providing pre purchase vehicle inspection and lease return inspection services since 2009. We are not affiliated with any garage or service/inspection station. We are an On-Site, Mobile car inspection Service
  • Our Third Party Inspection services provide you with the convenience of meeting you On-Location and carrying out the inspection in your presence, or on your behalf if you are from out of town (another City, State, or country). Moreover, we love to share our findings on that specific vehicle with you. Inspections generally last between an hour to an hour and half, and we provide you with a report and consultation that highlight any issues with the car, by then, you will know if the vehicle is worth buying or not.
  • For most people, purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is not fun or convenient, and that’s why, we want make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.
  • Have a look at our Reviews on Google and Facebook. Our first time customers are always surprised as to the rigor of the inspections, and most of them wonder why this is not a standard procedure when it comes to buying or selling a car.

We always recommend getting a CARFAX Report, even though it may not have the full history (example: undeclared accidents, rust repair, paint refresh, replaced panels, quality of parts and repairs done, etc.). Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding history reports. 

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Awal Matin
01:16 09 Jan 20
I’m so happy with the service that Sinan and the team provided me. I had complete peace of mind after the inspection and it was awesome having someone on my team before my big purchase. The inspection went beyond what I was expecting.read more
Paul Alexander
15:26 26 Dec 19
Very professional amazing work very informative will us them again
Ismaël Mohammed
03:30 23 Nov 19
Great experience with Fabricio; he checked every nook and cranny on my car during the inspection and answered my questions with a lot of knowledge regarding cars. Worth the price!read more
Sushi Pizza
00:29 18 Nov 19
Very happy with the experience I had today. He was not only on time he actually got here earlier than expected with a heads up before of course. Super knowledgeable and I really felt confident that the car I wanted was in good shape. I really like this company because they just do car inspections so there is no conflict of interest, they are no intensive for them to tell you anything that needs to be done or sell you any product. It's only the truth unfiltered. They came today on a Sunday...you can book online, the experience was great! I cannot recommend them enough!I really hope this company exist for a long time for my next car purchase. They know their stuff!! I could go on and on but just happy I can support a Canadian business, I hope they grow. Hard work pays off, thanks guys!read more
Hossein Shahzadi
00:43 17 Nov 19
That was an outstanding experience. I live in Toronto and I wanted to buy a car from Montreal. first I decided to go there in person to see and test the car but then I stumbled across Car Inspected. The inspection was thorough in every way imaginable so that I didn't feel necessary to go there in person anymore. This person Sinan is professional, honest and meticulous and covers everything which is necessary to know before buying a used car.read more
Doug Bishop
23:21 06 Nov 19
Can't recommend this highly enough - this is an absolute must when purchasing a used vehicle. I definitely dodged a couple of Lemons thanks to the Car Inspected team! The remote service was fantastic too, made it possible to do research even with my extremely busy work schedule.read more
Jonathan HT
22:11 17 Oct 19
Sinan was there even before the appointed time. The service and description he gave me for each little component was valuable in easing my mind for the car purchase. Sinan also gave me recommendations on things to be taken care of before picking up the car/make part of a deal with the dealer.Even as a car enthusiast, i learned a lot through Sinan and his work ethics is outstanding.Would 200% recommend to everyone before a purchase. Even if you’re an enthusiast and know your stuff.read more
Moisés Boff
19:23 17 Oct 19
I have had an amazing experience using the services of Car Inspected. Punctuality, previous knowledge about the model I was buying (Ford Focus 2012), and professionalism delivered just the piece of mind I needed to close the deal. I have driven over 2 000km now and the car is running perfectly. Car Inspected provided me with a lot of information about what I would have to repair first, overall condition of the car so on and so forth. I strongly recommend the service. Thank you guys!read more
Joe Diaz
23:48 19 Sep 19
Im very pleased at the report and level of professionalism displayed. Well done guys, Thanks for helping people out there not to get ripped off. Well worth the money.read more
Vashist Rai Jalim
13:43 13 Aug 19
The best in the business. These guys are literally like doctors for cars. Diagnosis done by Omar was simply outstanding!!!read more
Vashist Rai Jalim
13:43 13 Aug 19
The best in the business. These guys are literally like doctors for cars. Diagnosis done by Omar was simply outstanding!!!read more
Marcelo Pellicano Oliveira
12:31 08 Aug 19
What a great team! Knowledge-wise and customer care were way above my expectations (which were high based on recommendations I had already seen). Every question and concern I had regarding my car purchase were patiently explained by them.If you are not this familiar with cars (even if you have some sort of), don’t think twice, get your peace of mind by hiring them!read more
Garry Chang
02:53 24 Jul 19
Sinan did a great job. He is very detail oriented and went to the inspection on time. Thanks again. Would recommend to anyone who needs the service. Keep up the good work Sinan !read more
Chaitya Rao
14:44 21 Jul 19
THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS AND WORTH THE PRICE FOR SERVICE. Car inspected helped me buy my first used car through a dealership. One of my biggest fears was buying a lemon car and Sinan helped me buy the car with a peace of mind. Sinan absolutely knows what he’s doing and loves the job. He explained me each step of his checking process, suggested me fixes, reviewed the dealer and gave me extra info and recommendations for after purchase services. He uncovered the smallest potential issue to the major ones that the dealer had to fix. Due to this amazing service, I’d highly recommend Car inspected to any driver before their car purchase.read more
Stewart Weatherill
03:00 06 Jun 19
We hired Car Inspected while we were buying a used Honda CRV.They showed up on-time and gave a very detailed car inspection, very professional. I was very impressed with the service they provided even the seller was impressed with the detailed inspection. The price is well worth the peace of mind. six stars 😉read more
Stewart Weatherill
03:00 06 Jun 19
We hired Car Inspected while we were buying a used Honda CRV.They showed up on-time and gave a very detailed car inspection, very professional. I was very impressed with the service they provided even the seller was impressed with the detailed inspection. The price is well worth the peace of mind. six stars 😉read more
Michael Tian
01:31 04 Jun 19
Great experience! AJ took the time to inspect the vehicle at the dealership, while walking us through the process. It was not only a very thorough inspection, but was also a great learning experience and a crash course in what's going on under the hood for myself. This was a great investment in giving me some peace of mind before purchasing the vehicle. Worth every penny. Highly recommend this service to all prospective car owners. Thanks for the help, AJ!read more
Usaid Barlas
18:26 08 May 19
So let’s start with the fact that sinnan was on the dot outside the address at the time of the appointment. That was great to see. He immediately pointed out a few replacements/accidents of the car to which the owner confirmed which I had not known about. He was very very thorough with the check even with the silver package. Small details which I would have never checked, such as rear cup holders in the center console etc functioning (slide out). He checked oil and battery and car errors using PROPER equipment which was great. Overall an amazing job. Highly recommend getting this done for a car you are about to purchase as a small investment will help a long way. I chose the silver package and I think it’s well priced and definitely does the job.read more
21:35 16 Apr 19
Sinan met me at the dealership on very short notice. Very thorough and professional, clearly had a lot of experience and shared his knowledge about the car with me at every step. Dealership had already done an inspection and had noted a few repairs that needed to be done. Sinan's inspection came back with the exact same points that needed to be adressed, and this gave me peace of mind about the original inspection. Highly recommended!read more
Cameron Bale
15:14 06 Mar 19
I have used another vehicle inspector when buying used cars in the past and have been very happy with the investment. As he was not available on the day, I searched and found Sinan and was very happy with the result. Professional, fast and a fair price. Will use again in the future and recommend to friends!read more
Jean Sebastien Grise
20:37 11 Feb 19
I am still stunned by the exceptionnal service. Technician arrived on time, ultra polite, explained everything in detail witha no-nonsense approach. I will use again for sure !read more
Luca Mattos Möller
03:49 11 Feb 19
As a first time car buyer, I can't stress enough how this inspection was useful to answer my questions and give me peace of mind about the used car I was about to buy (and ended up buying).Omar was very attentive and knowledgeable. During the inspection, we uncovered some potential issues with the car and he helped me giving advice on how to solve it with the dealership (on top of some great general advice about owning a car in general).I'm very happy with the service, would use it again if I was about to buy another car and highly recommend it to anyone thinking about buying an used car.read more
Muhammad Reza Pourshahabi
00:54 04 Feb 19
Today I have a very good experience with Omar for a used car inspection. Omar is very exact, expert, kind, punctual and compassionate. He did the inspection exactly and answered all of my questions patiently. I highly recommend Omar.read more
21:26 05 Jan 19
I just used Car Inspected in Toronto and it was a great service. A.J. provided excellent service and helped me determine if the car was in good condition. Highly recommended.read more
Laura Mills
20:41 31 Dec 18
We hired Car Inspected while we were buying a used car from Mazda They went to the car dealership and gave a very detailed car inspection with photos and video of the car. We would recommend this service.read more
Troy Yang
02:46 27 Nov 18
Omar from Car Inspected helped me inspect the BMW 328i xDrive that I wanted to purchase. Nothing but the nicest things to say about the service. From the initial phone call to set up an appointment, to meeting the inspector, to the whole inspection process, it was done in an extremely professional manner. Omar went above and beyond, not only did he checked the car throughly, he also gave me a lot of great advice regarding the car, since I am a first-time car owner. Really appreciate the service and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get the car inspected.read more
Jeremy Aoki
13:04 01 Nov 18
Sinan was excellent, having completed a remote inspection for me, the report was thorough enough that I feel comfortable bidding on an auction vehicle remotely.read more
issa ib
22:00 24 Oct 18
Already performed 3 car inspections and valuation. Everyrhing was flawless.Great experience. Great knowledge. Great service.read more
Jaron Wiebe
17:08 18 Aug 18
Just had my car inspected, looks like they did a very detailed job and was well worth the money or the diamond inspection.read more
Mehdi Jemli
16:09 16 Aug 18
Sinan inspected a vehicle I am planning to purchase. Very professional service, same day appointment, right on time. Sinan did a thorough inspection and explained everything in detail. I am very pleased, and I definitely recommend Car Inspected. 2 thumbs straight up!Thanks Sinan for this great experience.read more
Ryan Grote
13:29 27 Jul 18
Well worth the money! Sinan ran a very thorough inspection and follow it up with a detailed report! I feel 100% more confident purchasing the vehicle now. Thanks Car Inspectedread more
18:02 14 Jul 18
Excellent. Omar called RIGHT AFTER he was done with the remote inspection, gave and sent me a very detailed report. I knew then what i was buying and the minor repairs to be done. Go to Car Inspected for the peace of mind, pricelessread more
Luke Drummond
11:58 10 Jul 18
Have used Sinan 3 times in the past, I didn’t heed his warnings on my previous car and bought it anyway, I should have listened!!He is friendly, extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his inspections, the last one was a remote inspection, meaning there was a 15 minute video as well as 160 photos!Great service, highly recommended, I will always use him as long as I have an urge to refresh my cars.Thanks again, and apologies for not leaving a review previously!read more
Evisu smith
15:21 21 Jun 18
These guys did a great job inspecting my E550. 17 min. Long video, over 80 pics and a 6 page report. Don’t hesitate to contact them for your inspection.read more
Alex Cantin Lagace
13:17 12 Apr 18
For anyone about to purchase a used vehicle, look no further! This is the place for you. CarInspected will not only investigate the mechanical components of your car to make sure it's in great condition, they will also go meticulously over every inch of the exterior and interior to gather as much information on the car's history and past. Within 20 minutes of arriving at the location, Sinan was able to tell that the trunk and front doors had dents removed and paint redone, very good indication car was in an underground parking garage since those scraps are very common on those specific areas of the car. This cleared up some unanswered questions we had regarding the carproof report. All-in-all, this place is 100% legit. The reviews out here are IMMACULATE for a reason, he does an exceptional job and you'll feel relieved, happy with your buy (or from dodging a bullet) and you'll also know more about your own, new, car!!read more
Kris Tobias
18:03 04 Apr 18
Reviewed a BMW for me with great speed and specific BMW knowledge. I was very impressed with the video and the pictures which allowed me to make an informed decision without being on site. I would use them again!read more
Mike Moizer
18:30 08 Mar 18
Just had Sinan carry out a full inspection on a 2014 BMW 650i Convertible that I was looking to purchase and ship here to Vancouver Island. He did a fantastic job and highlighted both the good and bad points of the car. The inspection covered every aspect of the car and was very professional. Using his services saved me a great deal of time and money on flights etc, also he is far more capable of inspecting a car than me!! His report helped me to decide not to purchase this particular vehicle, however, I will use his services again if another car becomes available in his area.read more
21:50 11 Feb 18
There is a reason all 83 reviews gave it 5 stars. Impecable service, on point, on time, thorough and knowledgeable. Over and above any expectations I had.read more
Natalia Lindbergh
18:10 07 Jan 18
I can't begin to describe the peace of mind I received after having Sinan inspect my Mercedes GLK. The lengths they go through to ensure you know every single detail about the car you are (potentially) buying is astonishing. This service is actually super affordable, but in my opinion its easily worth x10 the price.read more
Ti-Anna Wang
21:33 06 Jan 18
Sinan came out to inspect a used car we were planning on purchase. I appreciated his professionalism and expertise. He was responsive with his communication, thorough in his inspection, and enthusiastic in his demeanour. I highly recommend!read more
Malcolm Cairns
19:34 04 Jan 18
Car Inspected was great in helping me choose a used car. I was able to book an appointment easily and for the next day, a competing inspection service quoted a 2 week delay with a non refundable $50 holding fee. Sinan spent over two hours looking over the car, brought up lots of great points. The inspection was throughout and every step was explained so that i was aware of all the results. Would highly recommend and will use in the future.read more
Dhili Nakeeran
20:25 28 Nov 17
Very professional service, right on time, courteous and was meticulous in his work. Sinan knows a lot about cars and it shows in his enthusiasm when speaking about them. Definitely recommend Car Inspected for your car inspections, you shouldn't be disappointed. Thanks Sinan!read more
H Hashimi
19:11 25 Nov 17
Really great service by Jonathon. He paid attention to every detail when inspecting.
Dalia Gc
21:54 10 Nov 17
Amazing experience with Car Inspected. Sinan came to inspect our car and he was incredibly detailed and open to questions. He explained absolutely everything there is to know about a car. He gave us tips for good maintenance and heard all of our concerns and provided a thorough explanation on how to deal with it and pros and cons of it all. If you are good with cars and need an inspection, call them, you will not regret it. If you are not good with cars, definitely call them and prepare to be blown away. Will be calling again for our next inspection for sure. Before you go to a garage and pay for any repair your car "may need", call these guys and you will go for the sure thing. Turns out, my car needed nothing fixed and still now I know everything there is to know about it. This kind of service/knowledge/attention is something you will never get from a garage mechanic, that's for sure.read more
Seila Tan
14:56 29 Oct 17
I've read a couple of reviews and they are on point!Definitely worth the 5 stars.I had some doubts about a used car I found at a dealership.Booked and appointment with Sinan (on the same day mind you).I know nothing about cars.He literally explained everything he was doing in a professionnal manner.You are encouraged to ask your questions (you should, the guy knows his stuff).It helped me make an informed decision.Very satisfied customer!I don't even write reviews. Jesus.read more
Daniel Karpinski
23:42 22 Oct 17
Had an appointment with Fabricio. Guy really knows his stuff! I really recommend this service if you are close to buying a car. He gave me good tips, non biased, and I learned about cars in general too. Wish I knew about this service when I had looked at other cars in the summer! They give you a report and then you know which reparations will have to be done later on, so you can go to the garage and ask for specific reparations rather than them "finding" many small ones. A+read more
Jacques Obadia
23:35 22 Oct 17
Great service and follow up. Reasonable rate.
Sherri Buchanan
00:04 10 Oct 17
These guys are amazing at what they do!! Paul was very kind at sharing information on what to look for on my motorcycle search. He was always there to answer questions and available at all times for apts. When it came down to an actual meet..he was unavailable (thanksgiving weekend who would be!! Lol) but he came through with someone else. Olivier was meticulous, as many have said..well worth the money for their knowledge!! A purchase like this without them could end up costing you so much more!! Thank you so much guys!!read more
Kim Wild
02:41 01 Jul 17
Fantastic service. Sinan inspected a 2015 Toyota Sienna for me, at very short notice. I live in Toronto, and the car was in Gatineau, Quebec, so there was no practical way I could see it. Car Inspected gave me peace of mind, and also found a couple of minor issues that I got the dealer to resolve. I was very impressed by Sinan's meticulous work: a written report, 233 photos, a detailed 8.5 minute video, and a phone call to talk over his findings. Of note, the paint thickness assessment for collision repair was very useful, Car Proof reports will only detail reported accidents, and not those that are repaired without involving insurance. They are very good at what they do, I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Particularly as considering how much a car costs, and how little the inspection costs, why wouldn't you have a pre-purchase inspection done?read more
pepe Internoscia
23:25 23 Jun 17
first off, I' d like to mention that i had used the service twice in one years time. it is of extreme detail and given meticulous attention. i cannot recommend this service any more. the first time I used the inspection service a gentlemen cane to my house to inspecta car i was to purchase and pointed all the defects and faults with the vehicle and it saved me thousands of dollars. This second time, an inspector went in my stead to the dealership and took the same time and effort and came back with an excellent detailed review which was outstanding. by any means use this service and you will absolutely not regret a thing. cortious and professional. five out five.read more
Fahd Hussain
22:48 01 Jun 17
There's a reason these guys have been rated 5 stars by everyone. They truly value their customers. Sinan was just amazing! He was extremely professional, thorough, honest, passionate, informative and to top it off kind. You won't find a better service elsewhere. They were so helpful that I'm actually writing a review which is a first! Thank you so much Sinan!read more
Simon Bélanger
12:52 14 Mar 17
Exactly the service I was looking for! I don't live in Montreal but they booked the appointment with the seller, went on-site for the inspection and sent me a detailed report a couple hours later. It saved me a whole day. Plus, they're very professional and polite. Too good to be true... but true!read more
Tania Marques
15:40 11 Mar 17
Great service, don't buy your next car it hour getting it checked with those guys first... Punctual, and they take time to explain things on site... they impressed even the seller.read more
Roger Hobeishe
03:03 18 Jan 17
I have used Car Inspected services prior to buying a Honda Civic for my daughter from H-Gregoire and I was amazed by the level of professionalism and knowledge that they have! I mean, he took the time to inspect to smallest details that you would never think about and explained every single test he did to us... The guy knows his stuff and him being a mechanical engineer you could rest assure that you are getting a top notch reliable service! It was worth every penny we spend on his service. We ended up buying the car and with his assessment we got our selves bran new car winter mats and they had to fix couple issues that he pointed... So, we got back our money and got even more than we spent!Love their service... I highly recommend them for anyone seriously buying a used car.read more
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