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We Inspect the Vehicle on Your Behalf

Remote inspections are for you, If you are busy to make it, or if you are from out of town (live in another City or Country)

End of Lease Inspections

This service helps you avoid any un-neccessary expenses at the end of your lease

Seasonal Checkups

Have us evaluate the health of your vehicle every 6 months

Car Inspected Services

We inspect pre-sale, pre-purchase, end of lease and company fleets

Pre-purchase or Pre-sale Inspections

Our pre-sale or pre-purchase inspection services will highlight any findings to you. vehicle value is derived by its condition, mileage, options and service history. Seemingly insignificant items can be VERY expensive to repair. We check for signs of corrosion along with the paint and interior trim condition. Car Inspected verifies the interior, instrumentation and electronics. Our inspectors also visually check the undercarriage and get every vehicle out for a test-drive (if road-legal).

Seasonal Check up

Our seasonal checkup services highlight any issues with the car that require maintenance during your ownership. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road for the upcoming season. At Car Inspected, we check for signs of corrosion along with the paint and trim condition. We check the interior, instrumentation and electronics via Handheld scanner. Moreover, Our Inspectors also check the underside and get every vehicle out for a test-drive to try out the suspension.


Everyone has their favorites list when it comes to that special car. You probably had a poster of that car in your bedroom wall when you were a kid. So, if you are about to realize your dream, we say Kudos, good job! Car Inspected would like to help you make sure that the car is in fact what the seller is claiming it to be. Whether it’s a Classic Car, Super Car, or an Exotic Car. when it comes to this category of vehicles, please keep in mind that, a vehicle history report is not sufficient to uncover previous exterior damage. Why? At Car Inspected, we’ve seen many cars in this category with cheap body repair that has not been claimed to the insurance (therefore, wont show in the history report).

Our Inspectors can help you make sure that you are getting the right vehicle. We ensure the inspection is conducted to the highest standards. In many cases, we dedicate 2 inspectors to spend time researching the car prior to the inspection to note things to look out for. more details here

End of Lease Inspection

Do you want to buy back the car that you are leasing? Or just return it to the dealer…? The inspection is similar to the Pre-sale. However, you are the first owner. So, you have full history/service records of the vehicle, which will help in basing a decision in whether to buy back or return the car to the dealer. If you are Returning your lease, we’ll help you highlight any issues that might be picked up by the dealer and recommend the repairs to be done ahead of time, saving you a lot of money when compared with Dealer rates.

Company Fleet Inspection

Do you own a company that operates a fleet of vehicles? If so, Car Inspected provides a service to inspect a company fleet at intervals to let you know how your vehicles are doing. Therefore, if there are any minor or major repairs that need to be done on any of their vehicles, you will know. For more information on this service and for pricing, Please Contact us.

High Volume Dealers

Are you a High-Volume Dealership, Business to Business (B2B), or Auction service? If so, then Car Inspected can meet your needs for inspections, our inspections come to you. Moreover, we inspect the vehicles, provide the reports online, all without moving the cars anywhere (except during the test drives), Furthermore, we can work outside of peak business hours as to not interfere with your operations. Our inspections are fast, reliable, and detailed. We are an independent, third party service, that’s not affiliated. So, our inspection reports can actually help you sell the vehicle to the public. Simply indicate that the vehicle has been inspected by a third party independent inspection, and you will notice the difference.