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End of Lease Inspection

We inspect end of lease and lease takeover vehicles to ensure there are no surprises

Are you worried about the end of lease repair costs? Are you in the dilemma of whether to buy back the vehicle or return it to the dealer?

Lease Take-overs from leasebusters or similar sites can be daunting, especially if the buyer and seller are not in the same city. We can solve this problem. We dispatch our inspectors to the vehicle where they capture video, pictures, and provide a written report via email.

What dealers don’t tell you about lease returns is that wear-and-tear items are, in a lot of cases, not covered under warranty, so, some cases can involve hefty bills at the end of the lease. We can remove the guess work from returning a lease, we analyze the condition of the vehicle at your convenience (we meet you at the location of the vehicle, even if you are at work), and check the wear-and-tear items, and recommend repairs that are much more affordable, and recommend garages that can do the work.

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