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Living with an Electric Vehicle EV

living with an electric vehicle might seem too far in the future, but it’s coming, and we are not all ready to make the switch to all electric vehicles. I have been driving gas vehicles for 48 years; so when my wife and kids started talking about an all electric vehicle I was defensive nervous about giving up on gas What about the range, what if the power goes down, they are so expensive, what about maintenance, what about battery life.. the list goes on Then I went for a test drive of a number of different EV that I thought were expensive but with government rebates they end up  almost the same price as a gas version.

I was impressed by the silence torque and comfort. Then the running cost.. one service per year on brakes.. one service at 100,000 Kms on the drivetrain , general check on suspension etc. Charging once a week to 80% would give 450 Kms range in summer.

As gas prices started to raise the maths looked even better.

Special lane access in the highway during traffic jams in most cities was a nice bonus.

An app to turn on the heater or cooling while plugged at home or work saved the battery range I am not fully converted, but less electric phobia going on