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How much does it cost to get your car inspected in Montreal?

how much to get a mobile car inspection in montreal? here’s some findings based on research done in 2024 regarding inspection cost

When buying a used car for personal use from a PRIVATE OWNER in the province of Quebec: inspection is not mandatory as per the SAAQ Website (which is a sector of the transport ministry of Quebec that overlooks vehicle ownership transfer etc.), but its recommended. there are several options:

  • You can take the car to a garage, they generally lift the vehicle, and check things that garages can repair
    • suspension, brakes etc
    • It takes less than 30 minutes,
    • Costs anywhere between $65 to $130
    • (prices are approximate and based on research done in 2024).


  • You can also contract a Mobile Inspection service in the area where you are buying the vehicle. a third party independent Inspection provide you with the convenience of meeting you at the vehicle’s location:
    • They carry out the inspection in your presence, or on your behalf if you are from out of town (another City, State, or country).
    • The Inspections generally last between an hour to 2 hours, and you get a report and consultation that highlight the inspections findings.
    • You can then decide if the vehicle is worth buying or not.
    • The prices generally range from $179 to more than $299 (prices are approximate and based on research done in 2024).
    • In general, inspections include a computer scan of the major modules in the car, paint thickness verification, a test drive, and more.


When buying a used car for personal use from a DEALER in the province of Quebec: Again inspection is not mandatory, but its recommended.

  • The same options mentioned above apply, but it’s advisable to use common sense.
  • For example, don’t get an inspection from the party that’s benefiting from the sale of the vehicle.
  • Always try to get a third party, independent point of view.
    • You will get the most accurate information about the vehicle.


about the author:

Sinan is the founder of Car Inspected Inc. A mobile car inspection service which covers Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa regions in Canada.

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