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  • A safety standards in Ontario is put in place to verify if a vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. It verifies the safety aspects of the chassis, brakes, and suspension links, also verifies the safety electrical systems, such as, horn functionality, Airbag light. Moreover, the emissions testing makes sure that the vehicle is functioning within it’s design parameters in terms of burning hydrocarbon fuels. For more information about safety testing in Ontario, please visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/safety-standards-certificate
  • Our inspections touch the points above, but adds Paint thickness on metallic panels, confirm computer scans, test drive, oil quality, brake fluid humidity, verify summer vs. winter tires, check windows, mirrors, sliding roof (if applicable). Also check body panel alignment, confirm if a panel has been removed/replaced. Check for smells in the interior (smoke, pets, etc.), and much more