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Why inspect before returning a lease:

Returning a lease to the dealer at the end of the term is could be a very costly. Most dealers inspect the cars that are coming back at the end of lease. You might think, “everything is under warranty, What could possibly go wrong”. This assumption is incorrect, because the manufacturers warranty does not cover a category called wear and tear. Which includes, brakes, tires, windshield wipers, utilization abuse (dents, scratches, body panel damage). All of which, the lease owner can be liable for. another one is, the external condition. The dealer, when conducting the end of lease inspection, can highlight dings, dents, scratches on the panels. If that’s the case, then you might end up paying for all those repairs.

Some car dealers offer an insurance against “cosmetic wear” or similar. They usually limit the insurance to a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousands. (note: to replace and repaint a bumper on a 3 year old BMW can cost that much).

How can we help?

We’d like to save you the headache. We’ll come to the vehicle while you are at home or work. We’ll inspect it, drive it, check the paint, and the interior condition. Another point is, also to check the suspension during the test drive. We also check the tires, Engine, transmission, scan the car using a handheld computer. The goal of this inspection is to catch any issues that might be highlighted by the dealer ahead of time. Why?, to save you money. Once identified, we’ll recommend the list of parts, and garages that can do the work for much cheaper than the dealer. We have no affiliation with any garage or service station, so we have no incentive to send you to a specific garage. check out our end of lease service page

That’s the benefit of having a third party inspection. We have nothing to benefit from the dealer, or garages, or parts stores. We really want to save you money. Aftermarket garages can do the work for nearly half the price (in most cases) when compared to the dealer.