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Extreme weather can come in with very short notice, and traffic jams or car issues (flat tires, dead battery, etc.) can arise out of the blue. Here’s what we recommend that you have at minimum when driving in extreme climates.

What’s in your trunk ?.. a few things that are very very important to carry especially in the winter

– A shovel… for obvious reasons… in Canada🌨
– Booster cables ( even if your car is new or very recent… We still recommend this point just in case you leave a light on overnight or something)🌒
– Always carry an extra windshield washer container when driving in sub-zero temperatures… you never know when the weather will turn🌡… Moreover, even though it’s not a safe option but you can also use that container to fill up fuel in case of an emergency to help someone who’s stranded☃️☃️☄⛄
– A blanket will always come in handy if you are stranded or to help someone else who’s is… It has a double use, where you can use it to cover the trunk liner. 🛌⛄
– Always carry a secondary small snow brush… You can ask friends to help you remove the snow… or you can lend it to someone who has forgotten there’s… or if yours breaks then you can use it as back up one

Whats in your trunk

As for Spare tires:

Do not forget about your spare tire! (If your car is equipped with one) don’t gamble with this one… ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅ It’s NOT only in an emergency that you’d look at the spare tire. 👀

If you haven’t checked the pressure in over a year, then chances are, the tire may be flat by the time you need it.🌒🌡😨⛄

Set a reminder on your birthday or valentines to check the pressure!🎂 Or when the garage rotates your tires.🚗

To find the tire pressure chart, most cars would have that information on the inside of the driver door pillar (as shown in the picture)🚕📆🛠

If you are car is equipped with a space saver… Also called a donut spare… Then don’t be surprised when you see that the pressure requirement is 60 PSI (in most cases, but not always, so check the tire pressure chart)

Please note that some vehicles come with run-flat tires from the manufacturer, hence no spare is usually supplied (those cars may or may not come with a sealant and electric pump kit, if supplied, we recommend checking the expiry date on the sealant container)🔍🔎

Other vehicles have what’s called a collapsible Spare tire which usually comes with an electric pump, we would recommend checking the functionality of the electric pump once a year.🔌🔧

Tire Pressure Chart