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Everyone has their hobby:

Everyone is good at doing something. That “something” doesn’t always include cars. i’ll give you an example, i’m not good with Computers. When I go to buy a computer, i’m basically in the dark. I don’t know if i’m being tricked into buying a certain computer/unit because the salesperson is trying to “meet their quota”. That’s why I always ask my sister, who’s a computer genius, to help me pick the right one for me and my needs.

Same thing is true when it comes to almost any other skill in life. From cleaning the living space, to neurosurgery, we’d like to trust the people that know what they’re talking about. You must also remember that in each profession, there are people that specialize in it, who do not necessarily love what they’re doing. And it shows on the work produced, it would be mediocre at best.

Why Inspect:

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a very challenging experience for most people. Especially when looking for cars on Kijiji, Auto trader, or Craigslist. From what to look for, how long will the tires last, what about the brakes, why is the steering wheel not straight when driving, or has the vehicle been in an accident previously ? Which garage is the best to inspect it? should I trust the report provided by the dealer selling the car? or my current mechanic?, and will I get an appointment before someone else buys the car? These and more, are some of the questions that can arise as the purchase decision nears.

Some people think that if the vehicle passes a safety inspection by the jurisdiction in which they live in, then it should all be good. Or if the dealer does their inspection, then that’s sufficient. or if they go to their local mechanic, that should do the trick.

I’ll jump straight to the point. Here’s my question to you, if all of these “lines of defense” are in place, then why is it that more than 30% inspected by us turns out to have some sort of a hidden or masked problem? In other words, Why are there still bad cars being sold in the market today? Keep in mind that we conduct pre-purchase vehicle inspections at dealerships as well as private residences.

Inspect before you buy:

Please note, it’s not that hard to get a lot of parts that either don’t fit properly, or cheap, to be installed on bad cars. that will make them pass the safety inspections required by the registration jurisdiction. or not doing an insurance claim on a super car, and doing the paintwork and the chassis repair at a cheap price to sell the car as a “clean CarProof, or clean Carfax”. Don’t get us wrong, the claims history is a really good tool to help in the decision, but it’s not the bottom line (Note, no history report for classic cars)

We’ve inspected hundreds of cars in the last year. Our inspections include the everyday cars that we all see regularly. We also cover some really high end super cars, to some sought-after classics. Each category has it’s own checklist, and it’s own rigor. For example, classic cars, in the majority of cases, don’t have computer systems. OBDII scanners are useless for those inspections, however, it’s a trained eye that comes in to play here, making sure that any work is done properly. Please consult our Services Section for more details on the packages, and what they include.