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What Year and Model is this one?

We’ve inspected a lot of Classics, this one stands out. If you owned one, or if you recognize the interior, then you are a true muscle car guy/gal. It’s a very sought after model.

Some imperfections can be seen on the steering column (paint chips). However, the rest of the exterior and interior were in immaculate condition for a summer driver. But it’s not a show car, nor is it a trailer queen. This one had over 100000 Miles on it, or over 161000Kms. A car that is over 40 years old, and this much mileage is generally a pedigree for a “below average” vehicle. Moreover, we have to comment on the price as well. the selling price was a little below average, and the seller knows. He just wanted to clear up room for his brand new vehicle (which is the same model as the old one… i think we are giving you enough hints).

We inspected this one in Montreal East, near a famous used car dealer that specializes in classic cars. This is by no means a John Scotti classics type of vehicle. They specialize in high quality restored classics and operate in Montreal East as well. John Scotti also  operates a group of new car dealerships in Montreal.

In this case. This car was more run down, and used, but everything was functional, due to the love of the second owner, who kept it going in excellent condition for over 30 years. Furthermore, he even repainted it to it’s original color. The seller even kept the engine and transmission running in top shape during his ownership. We inspected this vehicle for an interested party in Germany, they ended up buying it. Therefore, now this beauty resides in Europe. We hate to see her leave Montreal Roads. However, we are sure that she’s in good hands. If you read this far, here’s another hint. The logo is on the steering wheel. 🙂





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