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Electrical Issues Diagnosis: Fuses and Wires

In this Segment, we were diagnosing Ride Height (air suspension) and TPMS (Tire Pressure monitoring system) faults in a 2006 Range Rover Sport. The Fuses ended up being the culprit. The owner was about to spend a lot of money to replace the controllers or the sensors. Always check the fuses and wiring, specially if a fault happens after you jump start the vehicle or replace a battery, most of the time, it ends up being a fuse that was burnt or a wire that was shorted. A fuse or a wire ends up causing a lot of issues, you’d be surprised how many times this happens. It really sucks if you had already changed the “faulty” unit or controller only to find out that the problem is still there. Moreover, keep in mind, a wire or a fuse are cheaper than a controller. Always try the cheaper options first.

We recommend for you to invest in a good Multi-meter, and a good scanner for your vehicle. They will pay off over the long run. Moreover, you can be purchase most brand-specific scanners for a relatively cheap price from eBay or Amazon. Search them up, and find the one that suits your needs. There is a learning curve when it comes to those scanners. And that’s by taking the time to learn the logic of the software. However; be vary careful when using a scanner that can change parameters because you want to make sure that you change the right values. If you change a wrong value or “mess-around” with a wrong setting, you might cause more trouble. Examples of vehicle specific scanners are VW and Audi. Which use a VAG Diagnostics, more specifically VAG-COM. You can find some very detailed tutorials online, showing how to use the different functionalities of those scanners. Therefore, we recommend you do the research first before investing the money.


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