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This is the Ecoboost Engine, so i’d like to start by saying, it was really a surprise for me.


We were contacted by a client from Germany regarding this convertible. The customer has the intention of shipping the car to their country of residence since those vehicles are hard to come by there. Moreover, at the time of this inspection, the currency exchange rates highly favors European buyers to purchase vehicles from Canada.

The client contacted the dealer to let them know that someone from Car Inspected is coming to have a look at the vehicle on the customer’s behalf. We contacted the dealer, and set up an appointment. Their reception was welcoming at Cadillac De Laval.  2800 Boulevard Chomedey, Laval, QC H7P 5Z9. Furthermore, they had the vehicle in the showroom for viewing. 

In person, this vehicle was nothing short of very clean, almost showroom condition. We verified the thickness of the paint on all the panels, and found that the passenger side door was repainted. When we asked the dealer, they said that the door was repainted because they received the car with a scratch on that door. We also checked the computers on the car, using the Ford software, and found no codes for the Engine, Transmission, Airbag, and ABS systems.

Test Drive:

The Ecoboost engine was truly impressive, very little lag from the turbo, and the acceleration was superior to the V6s from the previous generations, the handling was also noticeably improved for city driving conditions. The convertible versions are usually weighed with extra stiffening components to accommodate for the missing roof structural rigidity. We were not near a test track, but it would have been worth the test if we were.

The brakes, Tires, suspension, interior, exterior, under the hood, paint, were all verified. The car was an overall pass. If we were to give it a score, it would be 9/10.

We’ve been conducting pre purchase inspections in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto regions for the better part of a decade. We conduct inspections in front of our clients (if they are available), or for customers (if they are no available), on ALL KINDS OF VEHICLES, classics and super cars included. Whether you are from Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, If you are in the market for a Pre-owned vehicle in the Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto GTA region and want it inspected (pre purchase inspection) before making a decision on purchasing the vehicle, contact us for a quote. You might be surprised with the speed, and rigor and detail of the service.

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