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Audi A7 Premium Package:

We were contacted by a customer in Calgary, Alberta, and were asked to do a remote inspection for them on this vehicle. Yes, It is less than a year old, but there could be a lot of things that are not shared. Even though the car is still under warranty, and that the service records are available. In a lot of cases, the vehicles might be hit and repaired without informing the insurance, where in those cases, even if a history  report is pulled on the vehicle, you will not be able to uncover a problem. Especially on The more complex higher end vehicles, even a small accident can cause all kinds of problems down the road.

The staff at Park Avenue Audi were very courteous and offered to present the car on the same day as when we called to set up the appointment. the vehicle was located at 9800 Taschereau Blvd, Brossard, QC J4Y. The inspection went smooth, as you can see from the video below. No issues were found on the vehicle. which offers a peace of mind for the owner, prior to purchasing the car. The buyer asked for shipping arrangements to consider, which we offered some recommendations on.

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We’ve been conducting pre purchase inspections in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto regions for the better part of a decade. We conduct inspections in front of our clients (if they are available), or for customers (if they are no available), on ALL KINDS OF VEHICLES, classics and super cars included. Whether you are from Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, If you are in the market for a Pre-owned vehicle in the Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto GTA region and want it inspected (pre purchase inspection) before making a decision on purchasing the vehicle, contact us for a quote.

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The video below is part one of a 2 part video that was sent as part of the complete report to the customer.

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