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At Car Inspected, our inspectors come to you (if you are available during the appointment), and we conduct inspections on your behalf if you are unavailable during the inspection or if you live in another city of province. In the case of the Chrysler 200, We received a call from an out of province client from Ottawa Ontario. The customer had found the car by online search, and wasn’t sure if they should make the trip to town or not. They gave us the information of the car, and it’s location, in this case, it was at Carrefour 40-640 Volkswagen, 90 Chemin des Quarante-Arpents, Charlemagne, QC J5Z 0B5. We contacted the dealer and set up the appointment for the next day (if we receive the information of the vehicle early enough, we can always try to fit it in to be inspected the same day).

During the inspection:

The staff at 40-640 Volkswagen were very welcoming. Furthermore, They gave us the keys and asked to be notified when we are ready for the test drive. As you can see from the photos, the vehicle was in really good condition at the time of the inspection. The paint thickness measurements were marked, as well as a full Scan of the Engine, Transmission, Airbag, and ABS systems. Also, the brake life was verified in the front and rear, and the tire tread depth was measured all around.

The Vehicle drove well, no signs of excessive looseness from the suspension, shocks and springs were functioning properly, as well as the suspension linkages. No clunks or clicks from the suspension were heard. We always try the car on a rough road during the test drive, and there is no shortage of those in the Greater Montreal region!

We sent out the report (which includes pictures, videos, and a written report) the same day to the client. Which helped her make a decision on the vehicle, and whether she should make the trip to Montreal to buy the car or not.

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We’ve been conducting pre purchase inspections in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto regions for the better part of a decade. We conduct inspections in front of our clients (if they are available), or for customers (if they are no available), on ALL KINDS OF VEHICLES, classics and super cars included. Whether you are from Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, If you are in the market for a Pre-owned vehicle in the Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto GTA region and want it inspected (pre purchase inspection) before making a decision on purchasing the vehicle, contact us for a quote.

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