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2011 Ford F-150 Raptor inspected:

This truck had all the bells and whistles. From navigation to radio, electric seats with memory (for the driver side). Not to forget the 6.2L engine running this beast of a truck. Yes we understand that a lot of people are not very fond of trucks, but when you sit behind the wheel of this one, just hearing it idle from the driver side with the doors closed, i felt that i was about to drive something special.

We Inspected this car at Le Roi du Camion. (120B Rue Dubois, Saint-Eustache, QC J7P 4W9).

Super friendly Staff. They have a lot of cars, but very notably, more trucks, pick up trucks. Le Roi du camion is good at picking up a nice car. The Ford F150 SVT inspected (video below, we’ve actually taken 4 different videos for this one) has had it’s passenger side front door repainted, but it was original.

2011 Ford F150 SVT Raptor Inspected in Saint Eustache

It’s rare to find a truck that has not been abused. This F-150 SVT had less than 71000 Kms, where everything checked out, aside from some blemishes on the paint, and a little rust spot on the rear bumper. We also checked out the under-body for any signs of rust or abuse. All inspected aspects checked out very good. we scanned the engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag systems, it was noticed that the engine codes were recently deleted (OBDII showed monitors still testing), which could be an indication of some maintenance work.

Here is Video #1 out of 4 Videos that we made about the car…


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