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Our services:

How did Car Inspected start?. well. Some people are completely passionate about cars. we fall into that category. Back in University days, we used to read forums on cars instead of go to parties. So technically, this started way longer than Car Inspected. We Imagined a service that deploys experienced staff, to the location of the vehicle, whether it’s at a dealer, workplace, or private residence of the seller; and while having a coffee, you can watch the inspection & test drive take place. And at the end of it all, we give you a detailed checklist of the condition of the vehicle. The list includes what needs to be done, & any major problems. Unclaimed damage which might not be shown in an online vehicle history report). Much more is included in the report. And, if you cannot attend the inspection, it can be done on your behalf.

So we set about to make that a reality. We started out by simply inspecting cars for family and friends at no charge. The feedback was great. So we expanded our circle to extended family. The rest is history. We’re known now as Car Inspected, which is a Montreal based company specifically tailored to suit the On-site inspection needs. Mainstreamed for the public use, but also applicable to B2B transactions (business-to-business). Car Inspected conducts inspections onsite to give the buyer the needed information to make an educated decision. Moreover, we conduct end of lease inspections and seasonal checkups. As well as VIP inspections for Super cars and Classics. Part of our services include warranty investigations, for extended warranty companies.

How do we inspect:

As mentioned, we come to the vehicle. We either meet you there, or inspect a car for you if you are from another city or country, We utilize state of the art tools for our inspections. Measuring Paint Thickness, percentage of brake pad remaining, brake fluid humidity. Car Diagnostics includes engine/transmission/ABS/Airbag computer faults. And many other tools, which are researched specifically to produce accurate data. The goal is to judge the overall state of the vehicle at the time of inspection. The information is then provided directly to the customer.

From there, we found ourselves driving all around Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. Spending the time conducting inspections for customers, Dealers, and out of country clients. Our services include super cars, cars that we all see everyday, and classic cars, we’ve even inspected commercial vehicles. As we expand, our hope is to keep satisfying our customers to the same level that we do now. Read our Reviews.