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Apply windshield treatment to repel rain/liquids, those products exist and are relatively cheap (much cheaper than a pair of wiper blades, and they are there to prolong the life of the wiper blade and make the winter driving more pleasurable)

Check your wiper blades, they need to be in top shape to clear the screen. Do not wait until you can’t see, it’s easier at + 10C than -20C.

Get your winter tires out and check the condition, tread, cracking and the rims before you go to the trouble of fitting. Do not forget to check your spare is in good shape and pressure.

Check the exterior body work for damage, stone chips quickly grow into a rust bubble or worse if not touched up. A touch up pen is cheaper than repairing a hole.

Good time to change the oil ,filter and air filters. The winter is tough on engine it needs to be in top shape.

Check the battery condition, and that it is getting a good charge.

Remove these clean summers floor mats and install deep rubbers ones.

Keep a blanket in the vehicle could be useful if you get stuck.

Check all the lights are working.

If equipped, check the location of the block heater plug is under the hood.

Be prepared and stay safe , if you need more information or a hands on demo give us a call and arrange an annual check.