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What are the odds of finding this:

I’d like to start by saying that we feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to inspect this first generation Lotus Europa, 1968 was one of the first years of production, very rare and an iconic car, if you notice in the video below that there is no seat adjustment, and no wind-down windows. Moreover, a restored engine and frame. If you have some idea about those cars, and the weather in this part of the world (Canada), you will quickly come to the conclusion that such a vehicle would have rusted in less than 20 years. In the case of this Europa, the chassis was fully restored, so as the engine.

We were contacted by a client from England regarding this piece of history. I guess it was meant for this Lotus to return to it’s roots in the UK. The vehicle was restored by a gentleman in Joliette Quebec, who had kept all of the receipts. He was working on restoring the car since the early 80s until his passing in 2016. There was a lot of work involved, as was documented via receipts and pictures that were captured during the work.

During the inspection:

We met with the seller, who’s the wife of the gentleman who restored the car. You can see the pictures that we captured during the inspection here: . Those pictures include receipts and photographs of restoration work.

The car was started, and we worked hard to tame this engine to idle, and finally it did, one of the cylinders was not firing as it should, sometimes missing a beat, we assume that there is some tuning required to get it to run right. The fiberglass body was also restored, some imperfections can be seen in the interior, especially the roof from inside the vehicle. There was a small crack on the windshield from where the rear view mirror was mounted. One very rare finding was the service manual for the vehicle that showed the sub assemblies of the major components of the vehicle. That was common during that time, since spare parts were difficult to come by. The interesting part of this is that the book shows extensive signs of use, which, in my opinion, makes it more valuable.

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